very rare artisanal technique / craftsmanship  The techniques to develop our design and the materials we use means that the manufacturing process is far removed from the conventional and requires a great deal of craftsmanship, given that it's a slower process which requires great care and special treatment.  The majority of our shoes have no backstitching, they are clean cuts, torn by hand and placed directly on to the last, our heels are made of vegetable tanned cuir and each heel ́s layer is crafted by hand. The fact of using water based glues makes the production slower because requires much more time than using glues with solvent. We give the necesary time to our shoes in the last to maintain their shape. We take a lot of care in every step of the process and every individually shoe, despite the irregularities could be on it, look after every small detail to make sure is clean and well done before packaging. As a result our shoes need a more elaborate crafting, distinguishing it from serial or industrial work.  We use our workshop as a lab experimenting new techniques and materials, we work constantly in design. In our case we don't design entire collections, instead we design each model individually. In this way we can concentrate more on the model we are working on, dedicate it the time required and develop it more meticulously.  The process isn't always the same since each model is a world apart. We are constantly carrying out tests until we get the result we want.

Back in 2014 Petrucha was born.  We named it Petrucha in honour of my grandmother, which was the name we lovingly called her.  

Our intention was to create a brand to work outside of mainstream footwear, both in terms of the product we create and the cycles in which we fulfil it. We put together a small team and opened our own workshop where we could be in charge of our creations and pay homage to handmade shoes, produced according to our own criterion.

Our workshop is a space for experimentation and creativity, where we carefully manufacture all our shoes and supervise every step of the process. We create unisex footwear with high quality materials, not adhering to collections, seasons or trends. Our designs are minimal with a natural aesthetic, raw edges and hand-stitched detailing.

We only work with leathers that come from vegetable tanneries and focus as much as we can on natural shoe components, such as recycled, water based products and low chemical content materials.

Petrucha shoes have their own spirit. They are complex in their creation and are timeless in execution. Made with love and attention, they will improve with time and never lose their value.

Anaid Cano & Josep Vila