Petrucha’s intention is to create a strong and personal relationship with our customers. For this reason you can only purchase our shoes in two ways. The first being by placing an order through our website with the option of personalising your shoes in the process, as all shoes are now made to order upon request. We kindly offer free worldwide shipping on all our products.

Alternatively you can visit us in our workshop in Alicante for a personalised retail experience and the chance to watch your shoes being made in front of you.

Please contact us by email or Instagram to arrange.

We welcome you to an exclusive retail experience.

fair trade  We are looking to go on high fashion by a sustainable way, not just because we are using all the materials as cleanest as we can, also because we are designing a new type of relation with our costumers. We are not selling by seasons or collections, in our opinion and experience, they are not good for the fashion industry and make dificult the relations between stores and brands. We are trying to design a new schedule favorable for everybody.  We want to behave differently helping the whole value chain of our product and reducing the environmental impact in all the processes. applying criteria of sustainability from the design of the product to its manufacture and even its distribution, that means, making sales and production sustainable avoiding unnecesary stocks in the retailers and let them order anytime they need more shoes.